For years we thought all the windows on one side of our old A-frame needed replacing.  Money was the only reason we hadn’t moved ahead with the job.  When we heard about Open Sash we had Chris come take a look and were surprised to hear the windows were actually in fine shape…they just needed a fair bit of restoration and some retrofitting to make them more energy efficient.  Chris gave us a price that was much less than replacements.  We’re thrilled with the look and functionality of our “new” old windows.

Plainfield VT

In the summer of 2009 PTC Rentals hired Christopher Pratt to retrofit 12 windows in one of our apartments. The windows were leaking so much air that heating the apartment had become inordinately expensive. Chris performed the work himself and was well prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment. The work went very smoothly and he sealed about twelve windows for us. The cost was far less than replacing the windows and the results continue to be very good. Air leakage was virtually eliminated which has made the apartment much more comfortable to live in and has saved a lot of money.

General Manager
PTC Rentals, LLC

Just want you to know that the windows are working beautifully and making for a warmer house!

Oak Bluffs, MA

Open Sash did a great job on window insulation and renovation in our corner dining room — we can now see much more of the garden and yard outdoors, and we no longer struggle with decaying triple track window systems.  This is no small feat for a 1927 house that still has almost all its original windows.  We can open the top and bottom sashes with ease, very important in the highly variable temperature and humidity in this town.  All the original brass fittings were also cleaned up and re-installed, giving it a nice clean look, consistent with its original architectural style.

Washington, DC