The Open Sash System

To make old windows more energy efficient, Open Sash uses a unique technique of adding glass to old windows. This system  has been used in new windows since the early 1960s but has never before been applied to retrofitting old windows.

A Window Restoration in Action

The Benefits of Added Glass

Prepped Glass Panels

The addition of the glass doubles the thermal value of the window and protects the exterior of the window with additional wood and paint. The single pane of new glass goes over the divided lights and is easily removable. The windows will open and close normally with the added glass and the glass can be left in all year round.

The ability to make old windows energy efficient makes it more worthwhile to restore them. Before the system of adding glass was developed homeowners were faced with a tough decision; to spend money to fix their old windows and give up on energy efficiency or get new less attractive and often inferior windows that are more energy efficient.

By adding glass you can spend the same amount of money or less, keep your old windows, make them look like new and make them energy efficient. There is very little reason or incentive to replace your old windows.

Retrofitting your old window is also the most environmentally responsible choice. It conserves material resources, is less toxic, and introduces much less carbon into the atmosphere.

Nothing last forever, especially vinyl…

Restored Window Glazing

…so Open Sash believes that repairs and maintenance are part of window ownership and a good window is designed to be repairable. Repairable windows are sustainable, energy efficient and less expensive in the long run.

Most new windows cannot be repaired, or the cost of repairing them is very high and local contractors are not qualified to make the repairs. Ultimately the most energy efficient, sustainable window is an old window already in a home. It is repairable using a local contractor and easy to obtain materials.

Homeowners, local contractors, and the earth all benefit from repairable windows.