About Us

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, sole proprietor of Open Sash, has 40 years of building experience in construction, cabinetmaking and furniture making. He recently spent three years specializing in window “problems” in Portland, Oregon.

In the last three years he has developed a solution to add glass to old windows and has perfected a unique technique (the only person who does it to his knowledge) that preserves the original window, is energy efficient, and cost effective.

In 2009 Chris moved back to East Montpelier, Vermont and started Open Sash. Since then he has retrofitted hundreds of windows on many different houses throughout the northeast and Washington, D.C.

His latest addition to the field of energy retrofitting is the creation of a mobile window wagon to work on site and make the process of window retrofits even more cost effective and convenient.

In the future, Chris thinks window wagons and energy retrofits will take the place of replacement windows and the lost art of window repair and restoration will come back with all the improvements and cost saving advantages of newer technology.