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Energy Retrofit for Old Windows

restoration of old windowOpen Sash specializes in energy efficiency, weatherization, and restoration of old windows.

An Open Sash energy retrofit turns beautiful quality-made old windows into ones that are as energy efficient as a modern window—at a price that is lower than replacements.

Open Sash has developed a unique system for adding glass to the existing sash that doubles the thermal resistance of the window without changing the look or function. With the addition of modern integrated weather seals, foam insulated weight cavities, and restoration treatment, your old windows will look great and function as well as a modern window.

Our retrofit system can be used on any type of window – from historic to factory modern, single or double hung, casement or fixed. Our energy panels are custom-made to fit your needs.

In addition to being affordable, our window retrofits are also the most earth friendly, carbon neutral, and sustainable choice you can make.

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Alumni Hall at Vermont College of Fine Arts

Posted December 27th, 2014 by Chris Pratt

2014-09-09 16.33.08

Vermont College of Fine of Arts project completed

Posted December 27th, 2014 by Chris Pratt

Open sash has just finished adding glass to 10 enormous 1/2 round windows at Alumni Hall on the VCFA Campus. The entire project to three months to completed.


2014-09-03 14.57.25

2014-09-03 14.57.40

2014-09-03 15.00.24

The height of the upper and lower sash was 12 feet the width of each sash was 64 inches.

2014-09-03 15.00.33